Here at ONE80 Health, we want to bridge the gap between you and your health care. We have brought together an excellent team of practitioners who will provide you with a team-driven Integrative Medicine experience.

Integrative Medicine is the collaborative application of orthodox, conventional Western medicine and unorthodox complementary health practices. We listen to and address symptoms but with the primary focus being on the root cause. The premise of our approach is founded upon integrating the patient in decision making and choices. Patient responsibility, the ability to respond with action and autonomy towards the promotion and management your health is a cornerstone.

The word 'integrative' is rooted in its definition as "necessary to make a whole complete." An essential component in the application of Integrative Medicine is the holistic approach in which a patient, a health problem and healthy solutions are perceived. The word 'health' is derived from the word “whole”. Therefore, human health and healing must address the multi-planes of our existence – the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and environmental influences across our lifespan. At ONE80 Health, we understand and apply these aspects.

With our team-driven healthcare model, your clinicians will communicate directly and strategically about your health. Delivering not only convenient centrally located practitioners, but more importantly, ensures comprehensive, patient-centric care. We faacilitate access to information regarding health and treatment modalities beyond a single paradigm that are both evidence and experience based from a variety of medical disciplines. Integrative Medicine is both the science and the art of medicine, each essential parts of the whole.