ONE80 Health is the next generation of integrative medicine.

Our approach is built on the fact that each patient deserves honest, individualized, accurate and expert care. By focusing on the four pillars of health: sleep, nutrition, movement, and mindset, we provide treatments that are specific to you and allow you to realize your health potential and optimize how your body functions and feels. 

Our Services

To provide the individualized care each person deserves, ONE80 Health offers the following conventional and complementary therapies:



I’ve been going to Dr.Nick on and off for years, he’s one of the best chiropractors in town. Recently, I aggravated a hip issue and was in so much pain that I couldn’t walk properly or sleep very well. Using a combination of manual therapies, acupuncture, and laser, Dr.Nick was able to take care of the problem in a single treatment. I couldn’t be happier. I’ve referred clients to other practitioners in the clinic, and they’ve been impressed too. Five stars. Highly recommend.”
— Conor Kelly
I have been dealing with symptoms of post concussion syndrome for 3 years, after a snowboarding accident. Nick has been able to release much of the built up tension in my back and shoulders through progressive changes and manipulation. He actually listens to everything you have to say and dives deep into the actual root cause of the issue. I can finally say that I have found a source of relief and wouldn’t hesitate to refer people to One80 Health.
— Allan Liang


Our Practitioners

Regardless of who you are working with, your clinician(s) will collaboratively interact and communicate directly and strategically about your health. This approach ensures that you receive true integrative care, drawing from the best of traditional and complementary medical practitioners. Book your session now or call for more details.