Return to Learn/Work Protocol

It is important to understand and accommodate students for school and adults returning to work. As concussion symptoms are not definitive and changes depending on many different factors, it is best to listen to patient and allow enough time between to complete homework or tasks.

Stage 1 Cognitive Rest: No school/work at this time.

       Limit activities that require Concentration and attention. Allow brain to have sufficient rest and refrain from any irritable distractions, such as watching TV, texting, being on computer screens and phones.

Step 2 Increase Cognitive Tasks

       As symptoms improve, slowly increase cognitive tasks at home in 15-20min increments. Take breaks as needed and allow rest in between increments. 

Step 3 Resume Modified School Attendance/ Work

       Start with half days or certain classes (avoid gym, music, shop). Keep homework to 15- 20min blocks. Accommodate with frequent breaks and quiet rest area while being supervised if needed. Adjust accordingly to patient's symptoms and allow more time to complete homework and task.

Step 4 Increase School Attendance/Work

         Increase to full days gradually. Accommodations may be required to avoid symptom exacerbation. 

Step 5 Return to Play

         Once fully back to school/work without accommodations then patient is able to start Return To Play protocol if symptom free.

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CAUTION: The above is only a guide and should not be used as a substitute for being evaluated by a regulated health care professional that has experience in managing concussions and mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBI). If you have any questions about your condition, please feel free to contact us your convenience. If you feel that this is a medical emergency, please visit your closest hospital emergency department.