Peter Petropanagos

Peter Petropanagos BSc, MScPT

Registered Physiotherapist



My interest in physical therapy began with my own personal experiences with sports rehabilitation. As an adolescent I played elite level soccer and over the years received my fair share of injuries. When I moved on to play NCAA collegiate soccer, in my final year an MCL tear in my knee nearly ended my career early. An extremely intense rehabilitation program and a positive mindset brought me back on the pitch just in time to win an NCAA National Championship. After playing a few years of semi-professional soccer in the Canadian Soccer League, I returned to the books and completed a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto.

Now with seven years of clinical experience in both public and private health-care settings, I currently see clients with a wide variety of orthopaedic conditions. My caseload often includes people dealing with acute sports and work related injuries, post-operative conditions, and those battling with chronic pain and arthritic conditions. Further professional development in the areas of Medical Acupuncture, Manual Manipulative Physiotherapy, concussion therapy, taping and soft tissue manipulation have greatly improved the management of these conditions.

My goals as a physiotherapist are to provide clients with exceptional quality of manual treatment and to be a conduit of useful and empowering information. I hope to continue aligning my passion for health and wellness with a rehabilitative platform that is engaging, effective and continues to evolve with the most current best practices.

Peter's Hours

Monday...............10am - 8pm

Wednesday..........10am - 8pm