Having pain and soreness after you golf? Struggling to hit the shot you want as you fatigue? Difficulty in maintaining your distances?



All of these may not be caused by the swing itself, instead the way your body is utilized and moved during your golf swing.

What to expect when you come visit us for you initial assessment?


History, goals and challenges and what you would like to know from us.

Physical Screen:

Assessment of your movement patterns to see how your body moves.

Injury Evaluation:

Evaluation of your current or chronic injury that is affecting your game.

3D Swing Biomechanics Analysis:

3D Motion Capture of your swings with different clubs to analyze and measure in details on how you utilize your body during your golf swing.

Plan of care & Conditioning Program:

Create individual program based on the results from all assessments and analysis that suits you and your goal the best.


Our athletic therapist, Michele Liew is a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Medical Level 3 Professional and specializes in golf biomechanics to identify risk factors for injuries and conditioning. Through 3D motion capture analysis and physical assessment, you will receive a comprehensive report with both swing and physical results along with a plan of care to help reach your goal.

Our TPI Golf Medical & Fitness Program Focuses on:

  • Identifying faulty stability (balance, strength, muscle endurance and motor control) patterns and altered mobility (joint range of motion and muscle flexibility)

  • Optimizing muscle balance and joint alignment which will allow you to create adequate movement in joints to help with your swing

  • Reducing your risk of developing injuries from compensations

  • Conditioning that allows you to maintain and stay consistent throughout 18 holes



53% of male and 45% of female golfers suffer from lower back pain, and that 30% of all touring professionals are playing injured at any given time? The sport is also rampant with wrist and elbow problems. This is not surprising, considering the overuse of the arms that exists, related to the lack of appropriate core conditioning in most golfers.

TPI Golf Medical & Fitness Program Benefits:

  • Improve Hip & Core strength and stability

  • Improve mobility and movement patterns

  • Reduced risk of injury and improve endurance

  • Increase consistency and improve performance