Nina James RHN

Holistic Nutritionist

Holistic Nutrition

Nina Ballares is a Nutritionist and Health Coach based in Toronto. She believes in a simple, straightforward approach to health and believes that nutrition is the catalyst to overall wellness. She uses a holistic approach to health and takes in to consideration all the aspects of one’s well-being from lifestyle to environmental influences. 

She studied at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition where she learned the tools to help clients make informed decisions to reach their health goals. Nina believes in the power of education and providing her clients with the tools to feel empowered to take control of their health. She respects individuality and establishes a custom nutrition and lifestyle plan to help clients achieve their ideal health potential.

Nina has long had a passion for health and wellness which comes from her mother. From a young age, she watched her mother prepare healthy home cooked meals which has had a lasting impression. She absorbed the importance of good and healthy food and carried that knowledge with her through the rest of her life. While all areas of health and wellness are important to her, she has a passion for women’s health. As someone who has had her own battles with female hormonal and reproductive issues, she has been able to find physical and emotional balance which she is excited to share with others