Nicolas Begel M.K.D.E, D.O.M.P


Manual Osteopathic Therapist

Physiotherapy | Osteopathy

After completion of his Physiotherapist training in Nancy (France) 1992, Nicolas built up his first experience as a therapist for the French army and several clinics in the French Alps. After the recognition of his diploma in Canada, Nicolas worked as Physiotherapist in Sudbury, Toronto and Oshawa (Canada). During that time, he improved his skills by competing several manual therapy and acupuncture courses. In 1998, Nicolas started the 5 year long training at the Canadian College of Osteopathy in Toronto in which he successfully completed  in 2003. In 2006, in front of an international jury, Nicolas defended his thesis that received the prize of best qualitative research based osteopathic work. In the following years, Nicolas opened his clinic of Osteopathy and Physiotherapy in the Durham region. After his move to Switzerland, he worked for a large renowned multidisciplinary osteopathic and alternative medicine clinic where he deepened his knowledge and palpatory skills while attending post-graduated courses with internationally known Osteopaths like P.Druelle and J.P. Barral.

In 2014, Nicolas opened his own clinicPraxis in Vienna, Austria. Always keen on continuing education, he began to study the therapeutic approach geared towards biodynamic Osteopathy. This programme taught by B.Daraillans in France over 8 courses has helped him in treating severe chronic pain with great results. Using very fine and precise palpatory skills, this global approach goes even deeper in finding the body's one ability to help itself aiming at restoring health.

Now, back in Toronto as of 2019, Nicolas has joined the Team at ONE80 Health integrative medical clinic and he welcomes you and looks forward to meeting you!