Motor Vehicle Accidents 

ONE80 HEALTH offers a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan for motor vehicle injuries.

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident – even a minor one – it’s important to ensure that you are properly assessed and treated.

If left untreated, minor injuries can develop into more serious conditions overtime. ONE80 HEALTH’s highly qualified and exceptional health professionals have extensive experiences in dealing with different type of injuries caused in motor vehicle accidents, including strains, sprains and whiplash. Our professionals provide a complete range of therapies to successfully treat your injuries, put you on the road to recovery and help you return to daily activities in the shortest possible time. Our services are covered by your motor vehicle insurance and our practitioners are involved in every step of your rehabilitation program. Our clinic will complete and submit all necessary insurance forms on your behalf and directly bill to your insurance. Our goal is make your car accident related rehabilitation fast, convenient, and complete from a multidisciplinary approach.

Automobile accidents can cause a variety of personal injuries from minor to serious. The majority of people involved in car accidents suffer mainly from traumatic impacts, cuts, tears and more. Some of the most common injuries that are associated with auto accidents are:

Soft tissue injuries: this is damage done to the body’s connective tissue (the muscles, ligaments and tendons). An example of this is whiplash – where the muscles and ligaments in the neck and head are stretched because of sudden movements upon collision.

Scrapes and cuts: when the car collides with another vehicle or object, any loose objects in the car become projectiles. This can include cell phones, coffee cups, purses, eyeglasses etc. These items can hit your body and cause scrapes and cuts – which are usually very minor. Another thing that might cause a scrape or cut is the deployment of the airbag.

Head injuries: this type of injury can be minor to quite severe. If a car suddenly collides with another vehicle or object, this can cause the heads of the car occupants to experience sudden movement, and cause impact with a window or steering wheel or impact within the skull. This can lead to concussions or even more serious traumatic brain injuries.

Fractures: whenever there is any traumatic impact to the body, there is always a risk of broken bones – broken arms, broken legs etc. Our team of practitioners will be able to help recover functionality of the broken limb after the bone has been healed.

Whiplash and Accidents

One of the most common injuries in auto accidents is whiplash and most people associate whiplash with a minor neck ache. In reality, whiplash can be very serious – especially if it is left untreated. If left unattended, it could lead to a good deal of worsening issues such as chronic neck pain and brain injury.

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident, don’t assume that you are not injured simply because you have not felt the symptoms. Some signs of whiplash can occur later, and with delayed care, it can lead to more damage. It is important to have all bases covered to ensure that if you do have whiplash, it gets treated accordingly.

Whiplash injuries are not as simple as a broken bone, they involve a more complicated combination of the nervous system, muscle joints and connective tissue that can be difficult to diagnose.

In order to fully understand how whiplash can affect your life after an auto accident, here are some things to know.

•    Whiplash can cause pain, decreased range of motion and tightness in the neck

•    Whiplash can cause pain or stiffness when moving your head to look over your shoulder

•    Headaches may be caused by the tightness of muscles that attached to the base of the skull


Steps involved in Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Claims:

•Inform your car insurance provider of the accident and any injuries that you have sustained. Regardless of who was at fault for the accident, your insurance provider is responsible for covering your health and rehabilitation services available.  If you were a passenger or were outside of a vehicle at time of your accident, your claim will instead be processed by the driver’s insurance company. Once you have a MVA injury claim initiated with the relevant insurance provider we can take care of the rest.

•Call ONE80HEALTH to book an initial assessment with one of our registered practitioners –Physiotherapist/Chiropractor who will examine your car accident related injuries, discuss with you a treatment plan, begin therapy, and collect all the necessary information to fill out and submit an MVA rehabilitation insurance claim on your behalf. If you have extended health insurance coverage you are legally required to exhaust these benefits first, and then your auto insurance provider will cover the remainder of your therapy.

•Come to our clinic for follow-up treatment sessions. Follow-up appointments will be booked to fit your schedule. These appointments will incorporate a wide range of therapeutic modalities as appropriate, and may include other practitioners as needed to help you with your recovery.

•Focus on getting better. We will work on your behalf to manage all reporting and documentation required for your claim and to ensure you get the necessary treatment you need.




Most auto-related injuries can be treated successfully by a chiropractor or a physiotherapist. They can help with your injuries by assessing your condition, and help you recover and rehabilitate from it as quickly and effectively as possible. They can also help refer you to specialists if needed for further examination of your injuries.

A common injury after a car accident is whiplash (some of the symptoms being a stiff and/or painful neck, lower back, shoulder, arm or hand pain). If you suffer from any of those symptoms, visiting a physiotherapist/chiropractor can help restore mobility and strength in the affected areas. More severe injuries will also be treated accordingly and be referred to specialist if deemed necessary by our practitioners.


It is important to be evaluated by the doctor first because the results of your medical exam will provide you with the necessary information needed to decide if an attorney is necessary.


Under the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO), you must use your workplace health insurance before using your auto insurance. However, if you do not have any extended health benefits through your workplace, or have already used those benefits, your auto insurance will fully cover the remainder of your treatment (typically at a minimum of 12 weeks). We will help you by providing you with the necessary information to obtain payments from your insurance providers.

Our goal is making you feel better and getting you back to your pre-injury status. ONE80 HEALTH’s practitioners are committed to manage all aspect of your injuries including reports and documentations required to continue your claim, and to ensure that you get the highest-level of care you need.

Call now to find out what treatment and rehabilitation program is right for your motor vehicle accident injury.