Michele Liew

Michele Liew MS CAT(C), ATC

Athletic Therapist

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Medical Level 3 Certified, Golf Medical Specialist  

Athletic Therapy, Golf Biomechanics

Michele received her training to be a Certified Athletic Therapist from University of Connecticut and she went on to  further her studies in receiving her Masters in Sports Medicine from University of  Florida with a  residency in Sports Biomechanics with a research interest in 3D Golf Biomechanics. Michele herself is a former competitive golfer and has continued to pursue her studies in sports medicine by studying the relationship between functional movements, injury prevention and performance enhancement in golfers. Her interest in 3D golf biomechanics also led her to working with the University of Florida’s NCAA Division 1 Golf team, NCCGA Team and LPGA players.

Her interest lies in helping golfers improve how they move to prevent any injuries or rehabilitate from an injury to enjoy the sport they love. Moving well is a key and can help improve performance while preventing injuries at the same time.  In addition to golf biomechanics, Michele has also been trained in analysis of Gait & Running mechanics, Jumping mechanics & ACL injury prevention program. “Using biomechanics analysis as a tool, I am able to identify physical limitations and find the relationship between limitation and mechanics fault”. Her goal is to be able to use biomechanics to analyze one’s movement in order to reduce risk of injuries by improving the mechanics and how one moves functionally.

Throughout her experiences, Michele has treated many different orthopaedic conditions and injuries, both acute and chronic from youth athletes to adults for active daily living. She enjoys analyzing human movements to find cause of injury and pain, then using different techniques and modalities best fit for the patient to help improve and correct the imbalances to restore function and health.

Outside of work Michele enjoys indulging in different dishes from all over the world, such as paella from Spain to Malaysian street food. Michele also enjoys baking whenever she has spare time (healthy baking of course). On top of food, she likes to keep active and travel as much of the world as she can! 

Languages: English, Chinese, Cantonese, Mandarin

Michele's Hours

Tuesday................10am - 6pm

Wednesday..........8am - 10am

Friday......................8am - 12pm

Saturday.................9am - 2pm

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