Graston Technique 

What is it?

The Graston Technique is a patented form of manual therapy that uses stainless steel tools to perform muscle mobilizations. It is a kind of soft tissue mobilization used mainly by chiropractors, osteopathic physicians, physical therapists/physiotherapists, occupational therapists and RMTs.

How does it work?

You think of think of the Graston technique as a deeper, more intense version of manual therapy. These tools can be used in two ways. The first is to locate muscles knots or restrictions. Practitioners do this by running the tools over your skin to feel for fibrous or scar tissue that may be causing you pain or restricting your movement. Second, the tools are then used to breakup that tissue to restore mobility and function.

 These specifically designed instruments allow your therapist to introduce a controlled amount of microtrauma into an area of excessive scar and/or soft tissue fibrosis. This will invoke an inflammatory response that will augment the healing process.

 Soft tissue injuries can be debilitating and frustrating. The Graston Technique is successful in treating all soft tissue conditions, whether they are chronic, acute or post-surgical. The goas is to restore your range of motion, eliminate pain and restore normal function.

 Clinical Applications

-       Ankle pain (Achilles Tendinosis/itis)

-       Wrist pain (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)

-       Neck pain

-       Fibromyalgia

-       Hamstring injuries

-       Hip pain

-       IT Band

-       Tennis Elbow

-       Back pain

-       Golfer’s Elbow

-       Knee pain

-       Heel pain

-       Shoulder pain

-       Scar Tissue

-       Shin Splints

-       Trigger Finer

-       Women’s Health (Post-Mastectomy and Caesarean Scarring)