Our team here at ONE80 Health is creating a Concussion Management Program that will be offered to our patients whom have experienced a head injury or trauma. We want to educate our community about how important rehabilitative intervention is when it comes to head injuries and how we can help you manage your cognitive health and recovery.

As part of the program, you will first be evaluated using the Cambridge Brain Sciences (CBS) Cognitive Assessment.

What is CBS Health?

CBS Health is an online brain health assessment service that accurately measures core elements of your cognitive function, including memory, attention, reasoning, and verbal abilities. Your healthcare practitioner at ONE80 Health will use these measures to assess, monitor and manage core areas of cognition that are key to your mental health and wellness.

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Taking a Cognitive Assessment is fast and simple, with no special hardware required. Assessments can be taken on laptops, desktops or tablets and are supported by all modern browsers.

Click here for a detailed overview of the Cognitive Assessment

Concussion Management at ONE80 Health

ONE80 Health’s Concussion Management Program is provided by a network of multidisciplinary healthcare practitioners that collaborate with physicians to co-manage concussion injuries, helping patients and athletes safely return to learn, work and play.

Take a look through our Concussion Resources to learn more: